You’ve been unaccepted!

So, semi-tried to get into the N810 device program, guess I failed. The announcement at Quim Gils personal blog said the accepted parties had been contacted. And since I didn’t receive a notification, I’m not in.

The interesting part is now, how many of the 400 that didn’t get accepted are currently engaged in going over spam folders, reading one viagra mail after another, starting to consider various happy pills or wondering if their penis size has something to do with the missing mail. Not sending out a rejected mail is just adding insult to injury. Out of the 400 rejected applications there must be a whole lot of them that put their hearts and minds to them. A whole bunch of them probably tried hard as they might to gather as much karma as possible which was announced the day after the program closed.

Not only did they not get accepted, Nokia saw it fit to raise their middle finger and silently tell them their work or idea wasn’t good enough.

I’m personally not that surprised I didn’t get accepted, my application was not the greatest of them all, not by far. It was written with the current pet peeve in mind, usability and overall user experience. The things I’m referring to are those minor bugs, if you might even call them that. More like blemishes, it’s the zit of the application, the small things you don’t really bother with fixing unless you’re Rasterman and live for pixel perfection. It’s the oddities, the small inconsistency that raises an eyebrow but finally gets thrown on the pile of annoyances that makes up for the overall experience.

UPDATE Please realize that this post is ONLY about the flipside of being accepted. It’s NOT intended as a rant “oh my god, I SO deserve to be accepted and Nokia is a big bad evil company”.

Not at all.


I applaud the application program, the people running it and the effort. I just had to jot down my thoughts about what some 400 people (-1 (me)) were going through once the hoorays on blogs, irc and such started to pour in :)

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  1. Quim Gil says:

    Hi, just a couple of comments

    – The official announcement comes on Monday, with a list of accepted applicants in, email with discount code to the winners and notification sent as well to the rest.

    – The karma was announced days before the program was closed. We have repeatedly recommended people not to try hard on anything for the sake of karma itself.

  2. knirch says:

    My bad concerning the karma. The whine is still valid though, I’m not a sore loser, just confounded by the decision to not send _all_ the mails. The people who not got accepted most likely subscribe to maemo feeds, the mailing list or hang out on irc and will get the barrage of “\o/ hooray, I got accepted” and have a unpleasant weekend if they really hoped to be accepted. I DO get the idea of telling the winners early, but it simply sticks out as inconsiderate.


    // Knirch

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