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I love you Dev Mazumdar

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Nice post from Tobias regarding What ever happened to Seems the squatter is well on his way of rebuilding the site, he even dug up from the pits of the internet. Shame he didn’t resurrect and Nice sale Dev! I love you, idiot.

Insanest bug to date

Monday, January 14th, 2008

“OMG ALARM ALARM!” a coworker bust through the door claiming I or someone broke the code keeping track of one of the services that are running. That’s unpossible I proclaim. The code in question is this:

if ! pidof service;then
service | logger

but we have multiple instances of service running. Sure, we use busybox, an older version. Bet there’s a bug there, I have to see it though.

output=$(pidof service 2>&1)
if ! (($status == 0)); then
echo "$(date) pidof service failed: status: $status output: $output"

and what do I get?

Mon Jan 13 12:04:33 CET 2008 pidof service failed: error: 1 output: 30740

Fine, it’s busybox. Must be.. We patch it to exit with 47 if any malloc etc fail and 66 if the actual pidof code fails.

Mon Jan 13 14:46:13 CET 2008 pidof service failed: error: 1 output: 30740 10178

OK? FINE! We replace it with sysvinit-utils pidof..

Mon Jan 14 08:59:51 CET 2008 pidof service failed: error: 1 output: 30740 10178 2548

ARGH! .. …

You’ve been unaccepted!

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

So, semi-tried to get into the N810 device program, guess I failed. The announcement at Quim Gils personal blog said the accepted parties had been contacted. And since I didn’t receive a notification, I’m not in.

The interesting part is now, how many of the 400 that didn’t get accepted are currently engaged in going over spam folders, reading one viagra mail after another, starting to consider various happy pills or wondering if their penis size has something to do with the missing mail. Not sending out a rejected mail is just adding insult to injury. Out of the 400 rejected applications there must be a whole lot of them that put their hearts and minds to them. A whole bunch of them probably tried hard as they might to gather as much karma as possible which was announced the day after the program closed.

Not only did they not get accepted, Nokia saw it fit to raise their middle finger and silently tell them their work or idea wasn’t good enough.

I’m personally not that surprised I didn’t get accepted, my application was not the greatest of them all, not by far. It was written with the current pet peeve in mind, usability and overall user experience. The things I’m referring to are those minor bugs, if you might even call them that. More like blemishes, it’s the zit of the application, the small things you don’t really bother with fixing unless you’re Rasterman and live for pixel perfection. It’s the oddities, the small inconsistency that raises an eyebrow but finally gets thrown on the pile of annoyances that makes up for the overall experience.

UPDATE Please realize that this post is ONLY about the flipside of being accepted. It’s NOT intended as a rant “oh my god, I SO deserve to be accepted and Nokia is a big bad evil company”.

Not at all.


I applaud the application program, the people running it and the effort. I just had to jot down my thoughts about what some 400 people (-1 (me)) were going through once the hoorays on blogs, irc and such started to pour in :)

Whine whine whine

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

So, any self respecting geek, linux idiot or whatever have probably stumbled upon openmoko and their first phone, the Neo 1973. So the little freak I am decided, heck, I must have one.

Easier said than done.

When the first day was over, me and two colleagues had finally decided what we wanted and placed our order. Sadly, we we’re a bit slow, so we weren’t sure we would get a phone from the first batch. 2 weeks after we placed the order, the phones started getting shipped to the lucky bastards who were quick enough to order when the store went live. Sure enough, this was the first time they had done this and problems were apparent, you can always read about the chaos over at Harald Weltes blog. When we finally received confirmation it came in the form of a mail stating they couldn’t bill my CC. One quick reply to make sure it wasn’t just my bank acting up I receive this reply.

Hi Thomas,

I just tried, the 3rd times, but still it can’t go through the system. I think you should call your bank to release this transaction. Don’t worry, I’ll reserve the phones for your order.

Two more emails sent back and forth, and two calls to my bank. The only reply I get from my bank is “there is information missing.” OK, cute. A couple of more emails sent back and forth and finally a second call to my bank where some suit finally called me back to explain to me that it’s for my protection they require the full security protocol to be implemented.

It’s my money, I WANT TO GIVE THEM AWAY.

Had to argue with the suit for 15 minutes until he finally caved in and told me what mysterious field were missing. Fine, I send this off to FIC who were handling the openmoko orders (and also produce the phones in question). I get ignored and instead they tell me to send them another CC. I ask for instructions and receive them. Send off the CC and then, silence.

More silence, only silence. I read on that they’re finally done with all the orders. So I end up having to email one of the people handling the orders personal email to get them to attend to my ticket, and I get this:

Dear Thomas,

We still have Neo Advance Black in stock. But we are temporarily short of stock for Neo Base Black, we soon will have more Neo Base coming. ETA is two weeks.

Please advise how we should do now.

ARGH. Seriously, what does “reserve” mean to you guys? This is not funny. I ask them what they mean, what they meant when they said reserve, tell them “We can take the orange ones”, and I this is the response…

Hi Thomas,

Yes, we will arrange your order on our next batch in September. As of today, we are just running out of both Base- and Advanced- phones.

Appreciate your undestanding and supporting.


patch this mf!

Thursday, January 25th, 2007
knirch@bygg-ivar:~/pcapy$ patch < ../pcapy-allow-interfaces-without-address.patch
(Stripping trailing CRs from patch.)
patching file
Hunk #1 FAILED at 88.
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file

But.. but.. the source file actually has all those pesky CRs. The patch needs them! Seriously! If I want your help to clear out cruft, I'LL LET YOU KNOW or do it MYSELF.

Patch: Shave your back you semen slurping penis petter!

This be hillarious!

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Lololololololololololololol.. This is why I frown upon anyone who tells me they use Gentoo :D

Want details? NAAAAAAAAH, Gentoo in its stupidity removes a 7 year tried and bugtested plugin and replaces it with something that would give you a few more cycles on that 486sx a hobo tried to kill you with for being stupid. Did I mention it’s rather buggy?