Acer Aspire One <3

Got myself an Aspire One two days ago, just something to keep me company on the train. Have to say I’m actually love the little bastard, I normally prefer Thinkpads (sure, the acer keyboard is louder and the keys feel a bit loose in comparison, but much nicer layout than the EEEs in the same size.).

A couple of links that made my first two days in wintendo jail (didn’t have time to switch to debian before I left) slightly more interesting.



The two main drawbacks with this netbook is the brightness levels, which doesn’t go down as much as I’d please, and the fan noise. a1ctl or AA1FanControl fixes the last issue though. Other than that, the system is quite snappy and I look forward to switching over to Debian once I get back home after the holiday. Wonder if the BIOS could be hacked to allow for the older brightness levels…

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